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All coins are guaranteed genuine. Highlighted coins are illustrated

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C1 Seleucos I. Ar 1/2 drachm. MAC 203 scarce good VF+ 275for sale
C2 Antiochos I Tet. Seleucia ESM 155. Good VF 250for sale
C3Antiochos I Tet. Bactria. ESM 689 RRR VF+ 3100for sale
C4 Antiochos I Tetradrachm. ESM 696 VF+ 350for sale
C5 Euthydemos I Tet. BN series SD attractive EF 900SOLD
C6 Demetrios tetradrachm. BN lF attractive almost EF 2000for sale
C7 as last but BN lC and broad EF sl scrape on cheek 2500for sale
C8 as last but very broad and astralagos border. BN 1D R 4000SOLD
C9 as last but drachm. BN 2A Very rare but only F+ c1nd 650for sale
C10 as last but obol BN 3B VF+180 for sale
C11 Demetrios Bronze BN 4 Heracles head/Artemis F+/F 30for sale
C12 Euthydemos II Tetradrachm. BN 1C EF 3100for sale
C13as last but drachm. BN2C Rare nearly EF cleaned. 800for sale
C14 as last but cupro-nickel BN 6B Fine only 30for sale
C15 as last but large flan BN 91 F only 40for sale
C16Agathocles drachm BN 2B near EF slight flan flaws 1000for sale
C17 Pantaleon copper BN 6 near VF 60SOLD
C18 Antimachos Tet. BN 1E 2 others known. Gem EF 2200for sale
C19 Antimachos drachm BN 2A EF beauty only 2 listed
Drachms are far rarer than tetradrachms m the Attic weight period.
C20 as last but BN 2B EF and the finest style 1100 SOLD
C21 as last but BN 2C EF and only one other listed! 1100SOLD
C22 Demetrios drachm. (see 9) BN 2A RRR about EF 2,000SOLD
C23 Eukratides Tet. BN lB VF+ 500SOLD
C24 ditto but BN lE Scarce monogram VF+ 550for sale
C25 ditto drachm BN 2B scarce EF and rare thus. 500SOLD
C26 Eukratides tet. BN 6W EF-mint state large flan 750for sale
C27 ditto - another the same EF 700for sale
C28 ditto but BN 6E EF -mint state. Small flan 700for sale
C29 Eukratides tet. BN 8B strong VF or better bargain at 1750for sale
C30 Menander tet. BN 15B good VF+ 300SOLD
C31 ditto but diademed BN 12A good VF 230for sale
C32 Zoilos drachm BN 4/5 A with Nike. Rare near EF but few field scratches. Only two or three known of this variety. 400SOLD
C33 Agathocleia and Strato. Drachm BN 2A RRRR VF 1800for sale
C34 Agathocleia and Strato Tet. BN 6A RRR VF+ 4500SOLD
C35Strato tetradrachm. BN 16A only second known VF+ 3200SOLD
C36Lysias drachm BN 6B EF gem 350SOLD
C37 Antialcidas ATTIC Tetradrachm. BN 3A 4th known and a very
rare and sought-after piece. VF+ to nearly EF
C38 Antialcidas Tet. BN 8A EF beautiful 4500for sale
C39 as last but drachms BN 9A/12B/13A almost EF each 110for sale

BN = Bib.Nationale "Monnaies Greco-Bactrien.." O.Bopearachchi

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