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Please use the response form to Polymathematica if you are interested in any of the items featured below. We will then contact you with availability, payment details etc.

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A1 Middle Bronze Age Palstave; Acton Park Phase, Type II c 1400-1300 BC, perfect, attractive brown patina. Found Somerset,275for sale
A2Middle/Late Bronze Age, Looped and socketed axe c 1000 BC, bottle green patina, complete, small corrosion pit on back. Found Dorset. 125for sale
A3Iron Age-Early Celtic tubular twisted bronze finger ring very attractive original green patina, c2nd/3rd BC, Found Dorset. 250for sale
A4Late Iron Age bronze brooch with torque style terminals. Complete wlth pin and in exceptional conditon, rare thus. c 1/2 BC. Found Yorkshire. 750for sale
A5Romano-Celtic Zoomorphic strapend. Two faclng horses heads. Complete and with olive green patina, found Somerset.295for sale
A6Roman Bronze Rlng. Complete and perfect with black stone setting (probably black glass). Found south Wiltshire.125for sale
A7Romano-British old finger ring (fits male). Octagonal hoop. Excellent condition. Found Shropshire.795for sale
A8Roman Bronze head of Minerva. Helmeted bust. 3cms hlgh. Found Gloucestershire.95for sale
A9Roman bronze figure, in classical style, torso lacking arms and legs. Blue/green patina, fine style. Found East Dorset. 100for sale
A10Romano-British Trumpet Brooch. Pin missing o/w in a pertect state of preservation and with delightful blue patina (the most sought after). Found Cheshire.195for sale
A11Roman Cruciform Brooch, inc pin. Onion headed termlnals. Eastern European orlgin. 250for sale
A12Anglo-Saxon silver and gold gilt ornate headed pln. Complete with full shaft. Found Hampshlre. 295for sale
A13Anglo-Saxon bronze "fantastlc beast" type badge-brooch. Lacking pin and catchplate. Found Northumbria.195for sale
A14Medieval Gold Ring, dot and dash design on exterior of band. Perfect. c1500 950for sale
A15Stuart period gold rlng, c1650. Twisted gold wire and basket work bezel. Found Dorset. 775for sale
A16Gold Seal Matrlx, c16th, of Peckham famlly, Kent. Gold seal matrices are extremely rare flnds and this piece is in pristine conditlon. 3950for sale
A17Gold seal rlng c1550, initials S-R. small break at rear of band, easily repaired. Rare and very collectable. Found Worcestershlre.2250for sale
A18Medieval Silver Posy type ring. DOMINVS CHRISTO........ Probably c1400. Repaired.195for sale
A19Medieval Pennaular Brooch, bronze, c1350. Perfect. 95for sale
A20Medieval Lead alloy dager pommel. Very unusual knlght in chain mail appearance. Rare. Found Borders.110for sale
A21Medieval Silver and gold gilt Iconographic ring. Two saints shown in cells. Very attractive condition. 475for sale
A22Crotal Bell. Exceptlonally large, cC17th. Found Somerset. 65for sale
A23Silver 'mourning' style ring. Hallmarked 1789, attractive incised design to outslde of band. Repalred. Found Dorset. 125for sale
A24Medieval Gold Ring : Renaissance style with table-cut jacinth red stone, set above enameled shoulders. Perfect, an exceptional example. Found Warks. 2950for sale
A25Medieval Bronze Seal Matrix : Image of monkey riding hound, legend "I ride about", a huntlng call. c1450. Perfect. Found Dorset. 145 for sale
A26Another seal matrix. Clasped hands. Perfect 125for sale
A27Another.......Nest ot young birds. Perfect. 125 for sale
A28Another.......Agnus Dei type, holy lamb and flag.105 for sale
A29Another.......Knlght in armour on horseback, c1350, as with others in excellent condition. Found Kent. Rare.395for sale
A30Norman. Double eagle headed badge, in bronze with gold gilt and traces of red paint. The heads very much in the fashion of illuminated manuscripts. Rare and very unusual, choise.375for sale

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